2013 Schedule


WikiSpeed Car Build – In addition to our great talks we are happy to offer an interactive Car Building workshop by WikiSpeed.  The Extreme Manufacturing workshop schedule is here

7:00 — 8:30 Registration
8:30 — 8:50 Opening Remarks
Keynote 8:50 — 9:50

The car that Scrum built

Joe Justice

First Floor Second Floor
Auditorium Room 1ABC Ballroom A Ballroom B Ballroom C Ballroom D Room 4ABC Room 5AB Room 6ABC
Session 1 10:00 — 11:00

Top 10 problems found in immature Govt Agile Teams and how to solve

Robin Yeman

Decision Making Techniques for Not for Profits

Kent McDonald
(Not for Profits)

When Product Owners Are Challenged, Try Value Teams

Ahmed Sidky
(Complicated Situations)

Agile Methods 101, an Interactive Workshop

Jesse Fewell
(Getting Started)

Lean Innovation on Agile Teams

Sanjiv Augustine
(Business Point of View)

Patterns and Principles of Scaling Scrum with Scrum

Dan Rawsthorne

Leading an Agile Legacy

Jay McFarling
Danielle Roecker
(Complicated Situations)

Automated Acceptance Tests on Agile Projects

Wyn Van Devanter
(Code and Tests)

The Agile Dashboard

Fadi Stephan
(Improving Your Game)

Session 2 11:30 — 12:30

A Year in the Life – Trials and Tribulations of Implementing Agile in a Federal Government Matrixed Environment

Scott Granieri

Test-Driven Database Development: More than “Just Do It”

Max Guernsey
(Code & Test)

The Culture Engine: Exploring the Social Side of Software Development to Accelerate Team Performance

Amr Elssamadisy
Steve Peha
(Improving Your Game)

Five Years of Agile Failures (or what NOT to do when becoming Agile)

Devin Hedge
(Getting Started)

Creating Sprint Reviews that Attract, Engage, and Enlighten your Customers

Bob Galen
(Business Point of View)

An Agile Approach for BAU / Maintenance Projects in a Regulated Environment

Phillip Manketo
Elizabeth Winthrop

Beyond Requirements Dictator: How Agile Helped A Business Analyst Discover Her Real Value

Diane Zajac-Woodie

Agile Edge Cases: Startups, Data Warehousing, and Functional Programming

Daniel Markham
(Complicated Situations)

Building Software Craftsmen

Steve Ropa
(Improving Your Game)

12:30 — 1:45 Lunch
Session 3 1:45 — 2:15

Confessions of a New ScrumMaster

Natalie Warnert
(Getting Started)

Agile for things other than Software

Tara Santmire
(Complicated Situations)

Self-management and Self-organization: Agile Games with Motion

Richard Kasperowski
(Improving Your Game)

Making Improvement Standard: Making Agile Practices Dynamic through Lean Standard Work

Arlen Bankston
(Improving Your Game)

Experience Report: Converting A Successful FBI Program From Waterfall To Agile

Craeg Strong
Jennifer Wendel

The Right Stuff

Nathaniel Cadwell
(Getting Started)

New Beginnings: Agile in the Equity Capital Industry

Thomas Cagley
Michael Allison
(Getting Started)

How to Implement Zero-Debt Continuous Inspection Architecture in an Agile Manner

Brian Chaplin
(Code and Tests)

The Benefits of Dedicated Teams: How Agile is Changing the Structure of Service Organizations

Todd Berry
(Business Point of View)

Session 4 2:30 — 3:30

Quality is a Team Sport

Jeff Morgan
(Getting Started)

Getting Blood From a Turnip, the Art of Facilitation Made Fun and Effective

Matt Badgley
(Improving Your Game)

Initiating Your Agile Project

Brandon Raines
(Business Point of View)

Distributed Scrum Management – Sharing of Practical Experience and War Stories

Jonathan Chashper
(Improving Your Game)

Integrating User Experience into an Agile Environment.

Janice James
Kate Walton

Comparing Scaled Agile Approaches: Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD)

Rodney Bodamer
Greg Pfister

Recognizing and Counteracting Oppression

Damon Poole
(Complicated Situations)

Five Refactorings You’re Not Using Enough

George Paci
(Code & Test)

Agile Acquisition Practices

Cindy Shelton

Agile and Federal Governance – A Look at Contracts and EVM

Richard Cheng

Session 5 4:00 — 5:00

Okay So The CIO Said We Are Agile — What Should I Be Doing? 4 Topics A New Agile Manager Needs to Consider

Frank Balogh
(Getting Started)

Overcoming Problems Implementing Cloud-Base DevOps for Distributed Agile Projects

Tom Stiehm
(Complicated Situations)

Get What you Need, Not What you Ask For, An Intro to ATDD/BDD and

David Bulkin
(Business Point of View)

High Maturity Operations with Kanban

Hillel Glazer
(Improving Your Game)

ABUSER STORIES: Thinking Like the Bad Guy to Reduce Security Vulnerabilities

Judy Neher
Brandon Raines

Taking Flight: From Agile Aspriration to Transformational Action

Paul Boos

Is it still agile if software development is absent?

Rebecca Cummings
Patricia Sharp
(Complicated Situations)

Testing Inside Your Timebox on Federal Agile Projects

Jason Cohen
John Hughes

Behavior Driven Development with Cucumber-JVM

Marty Bradley
(Code and Tests)

5:00 — 6:00 Closing & Reception