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Can I earn SEUs for Scrum Alliance for attending AgileDC?

Scrum Alliance Category C:
SEUs may be earned by participating in other relevant events not sponsored by Scrum Alliance, such as Agile conferences, regional meetings, training from someone who is not a CST, or a REP course that is not approved for Category B.

Activities in Category C are attended face to face, and you are receiving rather than providing services. SEUs are earned at a rate of one credit per hour of active participation.

When submitting SEUs, your options for Category C are:

Received face-to-face training outside of Scrum Alliance

Attended live Scrum/Agile events outside of Scrum Alliance

Attended user group events outside of Scrum Alliance

Received coaching or mentoring outside of Scrum Alliance

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Can I earn PMI PDU credits for attending AgileDC?

Yes, as category B PDUs. Please check PMI website for additional instructions and limitations.
Please claim only the hours that you were at the conference. For the full conference you can claim 5 PDUs.

PDU Category: Cat B: Continuing Education
Activity Title: AgileDC 2015 – Conference
Date Started: 10/26/2015
Date Completed: 10/26/2015

Please keep your registration email and any notes you may have as proof of attending the conference.

Can I Volunteer at this conference?

Yes, we have a limited number of volunteer opportunities on the event day. If you like to help out, please indicate your interest by giving us your name and email id on the form following the URL below.

We have reached our volunteer quota for 2016. Try again next year!

Is there parking at the event?

Yes, there is free parking available at the venue. We will provide parking permit that you can leave in your car at the venue or in an email before the event.

Is there a group discount available for this conference?

No, we do not have any group discounts available. Price for AgileDC 2016 is as low as possible (Thanks to our generous sponsors and support of the volunteers). Also note that after all expenses are covered all funds are donated to nonprofit organizations. In the year 2015, we donated more than $34,000 to non profits.

Is there reduced hotel room rate for this conference?

No, we typically do not have enough out-of town attendees to negotiate a discounted rates.

When will the 2016 Call for Speakers be announced?

Early June. Stay tuned!

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

Please don’t hesitate to send us an email: