eXtreme Manufacturing Build Party Workshop at AgileDC

eXtreme Manufacturing Build Party Workshop: Agile beyond software delivery teams is key for maximizing ROI of the entire business. Get hands on experience with Agile for hardware by building a WIKISPEED car with the founder of Team WIKISPEED. You’ll immerse in Object Oriented Architecture, Scrum team delivery, and XP practices to create the ah-ha! moment to apply agile across your organization. No hardware experience is required, but do bring any mechanics tool or gear you may have!”


Sprint 1: (session 1 of the conference):
Scrum room setup: learn how Team WIKISPEED sets up a Scrum room for non-software work! Object Oriented Architecture and Contract First Design: work hands on with sub-modules and modules delivering on a common interface, and the advantages of loose coupling (nerdy fun!).

Sprint 2:
Bolting, drilling, filing; working with aluminum for maximum awesome! Lots of measuring, and Test Driven Development highlight this sprint.

Sprint 3:
Carbon Fiber work: get hands on experience with aerospace materials and high performance composites to create an ultra-efficient, modular car! This sprint is dominated by User Acceptance Tests and the sprint 3 demo just might be the most glamorous!

IMG_4379 IMG_6108 IMG_6241 Modularity_Transparent_Background Sutherland_XM_3ring WIKISPEED_Practice5